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Berserk Tanzanian Gambler Stoned and Hanged By Angry Mob

February 10th, 2016 Author:

The City View Bar and Restaurant Casino in Kenya was the scene of a horrific crime early Tuesday morning, after a crazed gambler stabbed two casino workers to death before being killed himself by an angry mob.

Tanzanian man John Mchanga had been gambling at the venue in Kenya’s capital city, Nairobi, but by midnight on Monday he had lost 30k shillings (US $300). Not content to call it a day, the gambler tried to secure credit from the casino, but after his request was refused by Winfred Mbuvi, a 40 year-old female member of staff, Mchanga left the casino, but returned a short time later armed with what has either been described as a dagger, or Somali sword.

John Mchanga then proceeded to stab the manager who had refused him credit, and after security manager James Lutea, tried to intervene, he, too, became Mchanga’s next victim. A third person, security manager Kevin Ogada, also suffered two stab wounds to his shoulder before an angry mob of gamblers banded together to chase John Mchanga out of the casino.

After the disturbing incident, John Mchanga subsequently had to deal with the collective anger of the casino’s other gamblers, who followed him into the street, before cornering and stoning him. By all accounts he was also hanged by the mob, and as Nairobi Police chief Japheth Koome later explained:

“By the time police arrived at the scene, he had been lynched by a mob that was angered by his earlier acts.”

In the meantime, the bizarre incident cost the lives of two casino staff, as well as that of the crazed gambler, although on a slightly more positive note Kevin Ogada is currently recovering from his injuries at Aga Khan hospital. Commenting on events, Eastleigh Business Community Secretary General Ahmed Mohamed highlighted the need for the gambling industry to put better safety checks in place, stating:

“It is shocking that three lives have been lost in this manner. We need more stringent measures to make sure the same does not happen again.”

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