How to Play Two More Inches

Two More Inches can be played with up to seven players; however you really do need at least four to make this game work well. There are no wild cards used in this game (wild cards are optional) and it is a match pot, which means any player who decides to play the hand all the way and loses will be required to match the pot value for the next hand.

Rules for Two More Inches

Each player will need to ante to start the game. Once the antes are in the dealer will deal each player five cards face down.

Similar to Guts Poker, each player will be asked if they want in or out. If the player says yes, the dealer will give that player two more cards face up. Players, who choose “out” will fold their hands.

Players who stayed in the hand will show their hands and announce their best five card hand from the seven cards dealt. The player with the winning hand will take the pot while each of the losing players will have to match the pot for the next hand.

If all of the players choose “Out”, the hand will end and the game will start over with each player re-anteing.

Adding a Wild Card

You can opt to use a wild card for this game. The wild card is usually determined by the dealer and if a player has the same card face up they can use it as a wild card. If the card is face down it’s considered a kill card and the players hand is dead.