How to Play Pregnant 3’s

Pregnant 3’s is a very simple game to learn. It’s played as five card draw and in this game it’s up to the dealer to decide how many draws a player will have, the number of cards they can draw and whether draws are forced or not. In Pregnant 3’s, all 3’s, 6’s and 9’s are wild, which means there are a total of 12 wild cards available.

In this particular game it’s not uncommon for five of a kind to win and to lose, so make sure your hands are very strong before you bet. The biggest mistake a player makes in playing Pregnant 3’s is over valuating the strength of their hands.

Instructions & Rules for Pregnant 3’s

Each player is required to ante followed by receiving five cards face down. An initial betting round will take place followed by a draw. The draw is dependent on the rules called out prior to players receiving their cards.

As an example if the game was two draws of three mandatory, each player would be required to choose three of their cards and discard regardless of what their hand is. This can often become a bit frustrating, especially if your holding 4 wild cards and have to toss one.

After each player has discarded their cards, the dealer will give them replacements followed by a second betting round.
Once all of the draws are complete a final betting round will take place, whereby the player with the best five card poker hand wins the pot.


Other versions that can mix the game up a bit include adding kill cards like the “man with the axe and one eyed jack”. If kill cards are added, a player who receives that particular card is automatically disqualified from playing and their hand is dead.