How to Play Burn the Biffel

Burn the Biffel is a community game and can be played with as many as 7 players. The game has a few similarities to The Good, The Bad and the Ugly in that the game forces players to discard certain cards from their hand.

Rules for Burn the Biffel

Players will need to ante into the pot first. Once all of the antes are in, the dealer can begin to deal each player four cards face down and two rows aligned horizontally consisting of five cards each in the center of the table. These cards will also be dealt faced down with the top row representing your “Good” cards and the bottom row representing the “Bad” cards.

Once all of the cards have been dealt, the dealer will flip one of the good cards face up and the first player to the left of the dealer will start the first betting round.

Once the initial betting round has come to a complete, the dealer will flip over one of the bad cards. Any player who holds a card of the same rank in their hand has to toss that card onto the table face up. Even if your card matches the 1st good card you still have to discard from your hand.

A betting round will follow, and the dealer will continue to flip over cards from each row one by one until all of the cards have been turned over.  Every time a card from the second row is turned over a betting round should follow.

Once all of the cards are exposed a final betting round can take place followed by the showdown.  The player with the best five card poker hand using any of their hole cards with the cards in the top row only wins the pot. If a card in the top row was also exposed in the bottom row, that card is no longer in play and should be disqualified from completing a hand.

A kill card or wild card can be added to this game. The dealer should instruct each of the players what these cards are before the cards are dealt. A kill card is often added to the end of the game as the last “Bad” card to be turned up. Any player holding the same ranked card will be forced out of the game and will fold their hand.