Poker Sites Accepting Interac e-Transfer Poker Deposits

Interac is a Canadian online payment processor that allows online poker players to transfer funds electronically from their bank account. It is similar to an eWallet in where you can send funds directly to someone using their email or cell phone. The recipient then follows the instructions to receive their funds.

This ease of use is perfect for online poker players looking for a way to quickly fund their accounts without restrictions. Interac is partnered with the six largest banks in Canada. If you bank with any of the following, you can use e-transfer to send funds to online poker accounts automatically:

  • CIBC
  • Scotiabank
  • Manulife Bank of Canada
  • BMO Bank of Montreal
  • TD Bank
  • Royal Bank of Canada

Even if you don’t bank with one of the major Canadian banks, you can still use Interac to fund your online poker account. Over 250 financial institutions in Canada use Interac.

Online Poker Sites the Accept Interac

Since Interac only serves Canadians, the only online poker sites that take it will be those that accept Canadian players. With that said, Interac isn’t as widely accepted as other payment processors, so some players may have a hard time finding a poker room that takes Interac.

Fortunately, some of the world’s largest poker sites take Interac. Both 888poker and PokerStars accept Interac for payments. Ignition Poker is another popular Internet poker room that takes Interac payments.

All you need to do to see if your site accepts Interac is to go to the site’s cashier page. You can also speak to their customer service page to see if they accept Interac. The Interac network is continuously growing, so expect to see more online poker rooms take it as a payment option in the future.

Benefits of Using Interac

Poker rooms allow players to deposit using a wide variety of payment processors, so why should players use Interac? Firstly, if an online poker site accepts Interac payments, then you don’t have to worry about any banking restrictions against them. Interac is a “Point of Sale” payment system and sending a payment through Interac is the same as paying for something on eBay.

Next, Interac payments are often cheaper than other payment options. For many online poker rooms, there’s no fee from the site to deposit credit with cards and other payment options. When you cash out, the charges are often lower for Interac than other methods.

Also, Interac does not require that you sign up for additional services to make payments. Ewallets require that both parties set up and account, line a credit card or bank account and jump through hoops to get their funds. All you need to make Interac payments is a credit card or cell phone that accepts texts, and you can send money directly from your bank account.

Lastly, Interac has a higher level of security than other payment methods. Also, they have extra layers of transaction security that ensures only the intended recipient receives funds from you. It’s next to impossible for a hacker to intercept a payment through Interac.

How to Use Interac at the Top Rated Sites

Interac has an added layer of security for their deposits that requires that the recipient answer a security question to authorize the transfer. If they do not provide the proper response, your funds will not be sent to them.

When you’re ready to deposit at an Interac online poker site, the process is remarkably simple. Below are the steps to make your first deposit:

  1. If you have not already signed up for an account at the online poker site, you must do that first. After setting up your username and password, log in to the website.
  2. Click on Cashier to bring up the available options for deposit.
  3. Select Interac to discover your poker room’s process for making the deposit. Some sites will ask that you enter the security answer before initiating the deposit while others will supply you with a specific security answer to use when you make your payment.
  4. Once you receive the site-specific instructions, login to your banking page and select the Interac e-transfer option.
  5. Enter the name of the online poker site.
  6. Enter the amount of the deposit you wish to make. Note that if you are taking advantage of a welcome bonus or deposit bonus, you must deposit at least the minimum for that bonus. Often the minimum is $20.
  7. Select a security question and an answer for this question. If your online poker site asked you to use a specific question and answer, please do so. Otherwise, your deposit will never go through.
  8. Submit the payment request.
  9. Within 5 minutes (often immediately), you will receive an email that will ask you to enter the answer to your security question to verify your transaction. Enter the reply and your transfer is complete.

Advantages of Using Interac

There are many advantages to using Interac to make online poker deposits. They include:

  • The ability to make fast deposits in CAD.
  • One low fee regardless of how much you deposit
  • Many banks in Canada allow Interac payments
  • You can make deposits on online poker sites only using an email address or mobile phone
  • Ability to deposit and cash out using the same account
  • Complete the deposit process in about 10 minutes
  • Added layers of security make Interac safer than other deposit options

Disadvantages of Using Interac

No payment processor is perfect, and Interac has a few drawbacks. They include:

  • Fees for deposits and withdrawals vary by bank
  • Not all Canadian banks use Interac
  • Not available to anyone outside of Canada
  • Interac not as widely accepted as other payment options. You may have a hard time finding a poker room that accepts Interac

Frequently Asked Questions About Interac

Do Interact deposits qualify for a poker site’s welcome bonus or other deposit bonuses?

Yes. All deposits via Interac qualify for any and all deposit bonuses offered by online poker sites. Welcome bonuses encourage more play and ultimate more deposit, thereby making it profitable for online poker rooms to accept Interac deposits.

How do I find online poker sites that accept Interac?

If your online poker sites accept Canadian customers, they probably accept Interac as a payment processor. The best way to verify is to research the site to see what processors they take. You can also contact customer service for your desired poker site and ask if they accept Interac.

I Don’t Live in Canada. Can I Use Interac?

No. Interac is a Canadian payment processor that processes payments through Canadian banks.

I Live in Canada, But My Bank is in the United States. Can I Use Interac?

Unfortunately, you cannot. Only Canadian banks can use the Interac network.

Can I Withdraw Funds from My Online Poker Account to Interac?

Absolutely. In fact, many online poker sites will require that you withdraw funds back to Interac if you use it for fund your account.

Are Payments with Interac Secure?

Definitely. Transfers are secure from end-to-end via Interac. The system uses the latest in encryption technology along with a safe login process, security questions to ensure that only the intended recipient is paid and 128-bit browser encryption.

How Soon Are My Funds Available for Play?

Since Interac e-transfers are guaranteed to clear from your financial institution, your funds will be available for use immediately.

Are There Any Fees to Deposit Using Interac?

No, most online poker sites do not charge fees to make a deposit using Interac.