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Employment: the bane of a poker player’s existence. We work to survive, but in our hearts, we just want to play some cards. Some players want to play poker while taking a lunch break and others just play at work for a mental break. The problem is, that most employers have blocked their employees from downloading and installing software, which means you will need to turn to the next best thing - the instant play poker rooms.

By using a no download poker room, you can login, load your account and sit at a table within a matter of seconds, and nobody will ever know any different. Below we have listed the best poker sites to use at work. These poker rooms should make your working day squeak by a wee bit faster and they offer some nice promotions and bonuses.

Poker Sites You Can Play at Work

Rank help Poker Room help USA help Mac help Bonus help Match help Code help Player Trafic help Room Review help
1Intertops Poker BetOnline Poker   This Site Accepts USA Players   mac-icon Instant 25% N/A 6,000+ BetOnline Poker
2Cake Poker Carbon Poker   This Site Accepts USA Players   mac-icon $5000 200% N/A 10,000+ Carbon Poker
3Juicy Stakes Juicy Stakes Poker   This Site Accepts USA Players    $2000 200% N/A 8,000+ Juicy Stakes Poker

A Guide to Finding the Best Poker Sites to Play at Work

What Makes A Poker Site Good for Playing At Work?

The best poker sites to play at work allow you to be low-key about your playing. They’ll allow you to toggle any features that might draw unwanted attention to your computer, which can help you keep it on the down-low.

The name of the game here is discretion – good poker sites to play at work don’t announce to the world that you’re playing poker. But they still provide you with a great poker experience.

Common Traps to Watch For In Software

It’s easy for a poker site to claim that it is work-friendly. But the vast majority of sites out there overlook key problems in their software. These issues aren’t immediately obvious, which means most poker programmers don’t account for them in the settings panel.

These oversights could easily lead to your boss discovering a poker site open on your screen; or worse, they might make it impossible for you to play at work at all. Three main things to look out for:

Some software forces active game tables to flash when it’s your turn (think Pokerstars). Obviously, you don’t want to be caught with a flashing poker table hanging out on your computer screen.

Most of the software plays sounds whenever you make certain game actions. When you make a bet, for example, the program might pump a cheesy chip-clanking sound through your speakers. This is not good if you’re at work. Some sites don’t allow you to turn sound off, which is a serious problem.

You might work in an environment where you can’t install programs on your computer. If the only software for a poker room is a downloadable client, you won’t be able to play at work.

The really good poker sites for work take all of these into consideration; you can tell that they’re run by people who really love poker. Only players would think to build solutions to the above issues into poker software. That’s why playing on a software client designed by non-players could land you in a world of hurt.

We now know what to watch out for when selecting a poker site to play at work. Let’s put theory into action and analyze a supremely work-friendly site: 888 Poker.
Work-Friendly Poker Site Case Study: 888 Poker

888 Poker has been operating in one form or another for the better part of a decade. The 888 team has been around the block in the poker industry, and they really know what they’re doing when it comes to software.

This is evident in how great the 888 client fares for us working folks. If you’re reasonable about it, there is no way you’ll get caught playing on 888 Poker in the office. The 888 Poker software is stealth, fully customizable, and it’s compatible with many different platforms – all the hallmarks of a great poker site to play at work.

Take a look at the 888 Poker lobby:


The layout is simple, and the color theme isn’t obnoxious. Compare this lobby to a site like Bodog’s and it’s obvious why people prefer 888 Poker to play at work.

Pretend you don’t know anything about online poker. Now take a cursory glance at the 888 lobby. What are your thoughts?

Most people don’t even realize that this is a poker program. Especially not people who haven’t played internet poker before. There are no gaudy card designs or poker chip graphics to be found – just a simple black window. Chances are good that even if your boss saw the 888 Poker lobby open on your screen, she wouldn’t know what the heck it was!

The lobby is just one small part of what makes 888 such a great poker site to play at work. Most of its work friendliness stems from this menu:


This is the “game settings” tab, which is located in the general settings menu. From here, you can customize basically every aspect of the 888 software: how it performs, what it can do, and what it will display.

The two features I’ve marked with arrows are especially important for playing poker at work. They each address one of the subtle software issues we analyzed above.

The first arrow points to the “enable animation” option. This toggles fancy table graphics on and off. Turning the feature off will prevent fast movements and flashing graphics from being displayed on your screen. This will prevent you from attracting unwanted attention while playing poker at work.

The second arrow points to the window behavior settings. When enabled, the “pop up game window” option will automatically bring the game table to the front of your computer screen when it’s your turn. Most poker software does this by default, but the problem is that most don’t allow you to disable the pop-up action. 888 Poker does, which is why it is one of the best poker sites to play at work.

The “flash the task bar” check box controls how the poker software interacts with your windows bar. If enabled, this feature will cause the 888 poker table icon on the task bar to flash blue and grey. Turn this feature off for maximum stealth in the office.

Finally, take a look at the notifications menu:

The arrow-marked feature controls the audio behavior of the 888 Poker client. Unlike some other poker rooms, you can completely turn off all sound at 888 by un-checking the ‘play sound effects’ box. It’s features like this that make 888 Poker a great poker site to play at work.

When All Else Fails, Play on the Web

We’ve seen how even full-fledged poker clients like 888 Poker’s can be great to play on at work. But some workplaces don’t allow employees to install software on desktop computers. If you work in such a workplace, can you still play cards online?

Absolutely. And wouldn’t you know it: 888 Poker has a solution to the problem: a web-based instant play feature.

If you can’t download and install the full 888 Poker software, you just need to surf over to the 888 Poker website. There you’ll find a big button labeled “Instant Play”. Click on it.

A new browser window will pop up containing a bare-bones version of the 888 Poker software. You can play using this client from any computer with an internet connection. It’s a pretty elegant solution to the no-download problem, and yet another reason why 888 Poker is the premier poker site to play at work.