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Microsoft isn't a company that has much of a history when it comes to mobile devices.  All that is rapidly changing, however, as the company rolls out mobile product after mobile product - including the the recently released (and well-regarded) line of Windows phones running Windows 8.

What does this mean for poker players?  In short, it means you'll have more opportunities to use Windows phones to play online poker for real money.  More on the how, why and where of poker on Windows phones below.

Best Windows Phone Poker Room for Real Money

As we'll discuss below, players have a solid set of choices for playing real-money poker on their Windows phone.  Selecting the best option, then, is more about the quality of the room, its reputation and what type of bonuses players are offered.  Based on those factors, here are the best Windows phone-compatible online poker rooms for real money play:

Differences Players Should Expect From Windows Phone Poker

Mobile poker is obviously a different thing from traditional online poker.  When it comes to poker on a Windows phone, the same differences more or less tend to apply.  Here are a few key differences players should prepare for before playing poker for real money on any mobile device, including Windows phones.

  1. Pace:  Mobile might seem like a "fast" technology, but it's pretty slow when it comes to online poker - especially if you are used to playing several tables at once.  You can play multiple tables at some sites when you're playing on mobile, but in general the pace of your poker experience is going to be diminished.
  2. Session length:  Most people don't think anything about sitting in front of their computer for several hours.  However, we are generally trained to expect much shorter spans when interacting with a mobile device like the Windows phone.  You'll need to adjust those expectations, especially if you plan to play tournaments or otherwise put in extended hours playing poker on your mobile device.
  3. Closer to live poker experience:  In many ways, mobile poker takes online poker back to the liver poker experience.  You need to pay more attention to individual opponents, find ways to avoid distractions, maintain focus and deal with several of the same challenges live poker players face as you take on poker using your Windows phone.

Lack of Apps for Real Money Poker

This isn't just an issue when it comes to poker apps - there is a real dearth of all sorts of Windows phone apps in the marketplace.  Part of that has to do with Microsoft's relatively recent entry into the mobile space.  Part of it has to do with the reluctance of developers to make yet another version of their app.  Whatever you think accounts for the state of affairs facing Windows phone owners, the bottom line stays the same: You will not find many apps that are specifically designed to let you play real money online poker using your Windows phone. 

So does that mean you are not able to play online poker using a Windows phone?  Not necessarily.  Read on for more details.

App Alternatives for Poker on Windows Phones

Windows phones now come with a powerful Internet browser - Internet Explorer for mobile - that gives users access to the web in much the same way you would access it on your regular computer.  That means Windows phone users will be able to take advantage of many of the "instant play" or "no download" options that major online poker rooms provide to players.

With this option at their disposal, Windows phone owners immediately have more than enough choices of where to play poker for real money using their device.  What's better, these options tend to be already heavily developed and are usually very stable, so you won't be running into the bugs you might find in a newly released iPhone or Android app.

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