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Mobile Poker AppsIt's somewhat breathtaking to consider the speed at which mobile technology has evolved over the course of the last decade.  Much of the world has moved from flip phones and tiny screens to devices that more closely resemble full-fledged computers in niftily diminutive packages.  That evolution has spurred a similar shift in online poker, where more and more options for engaging real-money play become available with each passing day.

Premier Mobile Poker Room for Real Money

If we made this list five years ago, there would have only been one or two rooms on it!  Today, though, almost all major poker sites provide a real money mobile option.  The top choices from that array, selected for their software, bonuses and customer support:

Largest Mobile Platforms for Online Poker Play

It's true that you can now play poker for real money on just about any smartphone - or really, any phone that has a browser.  The majority of online poker players, however, will log on to play real money poker using one of the three major phone platforms: Android, iPhone or Windows.  By many estimates, those three platforms account for over 80% of the total real money poker play that occurs on all mobile devices.  Keep reading for more details about each, along with links to our complete rankings of the top real money poker sites for each platform.

Online Poker for Android - Lists the Best Sites for Real Money Android Poker

By a nose, Android provides online poker players with the most choices for using their mobile device to play poker.  That's thanks to the lenient policy of the Android app store and the wide reach of the platform.  The gap is shrinking, however, and many believe that for all practical purposes you're just as well off with an iPhone as you are with an Android device if your aim is to play poker for real money. 

Click here to learn about our top Android poker rooms.

Online Poker for iPad - Lists the Best iPad Poker Apps

As suggested above, the iPad / iPhone used to lag dramatically behind Android when it came to poker compatibility.  That gap has been largely closed, or even eliminated, and now the two platforms share the top spot when it comes to real money poker options. 

Our iPad poker page offers information for both free and real money iPad poker players. The review covers the top sites that have the ability to let players play poker on their iPads as well as an overall guide on getting the apps to work.

For more information, click here to read our iPad real money poker page.

Best iPhone Poker Apps - Reviews & Lists iPhone Compatible Poker Sites

While the screen isn't neccessarily as large as the iPad, it is possible to play real money poker on your iPhone.

Our iPhone poker page provides a list of poker apps available for European and Canadian poker players. Please note - USA players will have a difficult time finding a real money US poker room offering an iPhone app. You will find some great alternatives in lieu of poker.

The number of iPhone poker sites is still quite limited, but the software that is available works well and makes the game 100% playable.

For more information, please read our iPhone poker app page.

Windows Phone Poker Apps - Reviews Windows Mobile Poker Sites

Windows phones aren't quite as ubiquitous as Android devices or iPhones, but they're a growing force in the marketplace and also a viable way for you to play online poker on mobile. 

Thanks to a flexible browser, players have plenty of choices despite a lack of native poker apps.  Get more information on how to play poker on a WIndows phone in this article.

Please see our Windows mobile poker page for information on which poker sites offer Windows tablet / smartphone apps.

The Four Rules of Mobile Poker Security

  1. Protect the password:  Don't be lazy on this one.  You need to set a complex password even though it can be a pain to type on a mobile device.  Then, you need to not save your password on your phone.  Think about how easy it is to misplace your phone, and then think about how easy it would be for someone to access your account if you save your login details.  Take the extra time to follow this critical rule of mobile poker security.
  2. Secure connections only:  Public connections should just be off the table when it comes to playing poker for real money on your mobile.  It's simply not worth the risk that you'll expose private details about your account - which could even include sensitive financial information that must be aggressively protected at all times.
  3. Install from the source:  Fake apps are a real problem, especially on the Android marketplace.  You have to be extremely certain that you're getting the right app, and the best way to do that is to download it directly from a link or QR code provided by the room.  It might take a few more minutes of your time, but trust us - that's time well spent if it reduces your chances of falling victim to a fake app.
  4. Maintain your phone:  A lot of people think that their mobile phone isn't subject to the same virus and malware threats as their desktop or laptop might be.  That's a dangerous, and inaccurate, way of thinking.  If you're not doing the right things to keep your phone secure in general, you're putting anything you do on that phone at risk - including your poker accounts.  Take the same habits you've develop when you use your normal computer - not clicking on strange or unknown links, not opening files from untrusted sources, doing security scans and keeping all software up-to-date - to ensure that your mobile environment is just as protected.

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