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It is absolutely legal for a private citizen in Australia to gamble online. If you want to play at some Australian poker sites from the comfort of your own home, go ahead – there is no law on the books that can punish you for doing so. On the other hand, it absolutely is illegal for a company to offer gambling services to Australian citizens. It’s also illegal for online gambling operators to advertise gaming services within Australia. Australian gambling law is heavily anti-operator in this way. This is where people get confused. As a player, you have every right to download and play poker online, you just can't operate a gambling site within Australia.

Below you will find the top poker sites servicing Australian poker players, as well as bonuses exclusive to All of our "Aussie poker sites" accept deposits and withdrawals in the Australian dollar.

Reviews Best Australian Online Poker Sites

Rank help Poker Room help AU help Mac help Bonus help Match help Code help Room Review help
1Pacific Poker Ignition Poker      mac-icon $2000 100% N/A Ignition Poker

The Top Australian Online Poker Sites

Ignition Poker Is The Best Legal Poker Site in Australia

Receive up a 100% to $2000 Bonus Plus Accepts Bitcoin

Ignition Poker is our number one legal Australian poker site. The poker room has a huge player base, is innovative with their software and accepts AUD poker deposits. Licensed in Panama, when you choose Ignition Poker, your guaranteed to find a game 24/7. Australian players will receive a first deposit bonus of 100% up to $2000. This site accepts all credit cards in addition to Bitcoin.

BetOnline Poker Accepts All Australian Players - Weekly Cash Bonuses

Receive 100% up to $2500 Bonus

Betonline Poker is by far the largest poker room in Australia. Catering to over 5,000 players during peak hours, this legal Australian poker site has no problems with running active cash games or tournament regardless of the time of day you login. The software is one of the fastest. Join BetOnline Poker and receive a 100% to $2500 with your first deposit.

Sportsbetting Is a Legal Australian Poker Room

Offers a $2500 Deposit Bonus - Fast Payouts

Sportsbetting Poker is another fantastic option if you want to play real money poker in Australia. The site caters to poker & casino players as well as punters. Sportsbetting offers an easy to use download as well as an instant-play mobile version. One of the benefits of playing at, aside from the support team is the free cash offers that regular members receive automatically in addition to the
VIP program. Join through our site and receive a 100% bonus up to $2500.

Is Online Poker Legal in Australia?


To better understand the legal landscape for online poker in Australia, we need to look at the key piece of legislation governing online gambling: the Interactive Gambling Act of 2001.

What Is the Interactive Gambling Act (2001)?

The Interactive Gambling Act was passed in June 2001, and is the main piece of legislation covering online gambling in Australia. The IGA makes it illegal for businesses to facilitate online gambling for Australian residents.

If you take a look at the official version of the Act, its scope is quite clear. The law aims to regulate “interactive gambling services” by:

“(a) prohibiting interactive gambling services from being provided to customers in Australia; and

(aa) prohibiting Australian-based interactive gambling services from being provided to customers in designated countries; and

(b) establishing a complaints-based system to deal with Internet gambling services where the relevant content (prohibited Internet gambling content) is available for access by customers in Australia.”

As you can imagine, the Interactive Gambling Act makes it hard for Australian poker sites to do business. That said, the law has thus far proven ineffective – there are still plenty of poker sites accepting Australian players.

Importantly, the Interactive Gambling Act does not prohibit Australian citizens from gambling online. The government’s theory seems to be that if operators are cut off, citizens won’t be able to play poker. This is great for poker players, because we can legally play our favourite game online – as long as there are poker sites willing to risk an IGA conviction.

Do Australian Authorities Enforce the IGA?

Since the IGA’s inception a decade ago, no gambling operators have been charged under the Act. Australian authorities have not even attempted to enforce the IGA. All Australian poker sites remain up and running, same as always.

There have been rumours circulating recently that the Australian Federal Police may start charging sites that violate the IGA. An Australian news outlet reported on May 21, 2011 that the “Australian Crime Commission has urged the Federal Government and the Australian Federal Police to start charging poker websites blatantly getting around Australian legislation”.

It’s not clear that large-scale enforcement is even possible, however. There are scores of sites offering online poker to Australian residents, and charging them would require massive outlays of time and effort.

 Further, most Australian poker sites are not actually based in Australia; most operate from sovereign jurisdictions like the Isle of Man and Gibraltar. Charging international sites under Australian law would be messy, if not impossible.

Can Online Poker Players Still Play in Australia?

Yes, there are plenty of Australian poker sites open for business. As an Aussie, you’ve got access to most of the top dogs in the market: 888 Poker, Party Poker, and Bodog Poker to name a few.

Anti-online gambling legislation has had absolutely no effect on the online gaming market in Australia. Attempts to ‘regulate’ the industry have largely been failures. Because of this, the Federal Government has actually been advised to legalize poker in Australia in a 2010 Productivity Commission Report.

To summarize:

  • Playing online poker is not illegal in Australia.
  • Operating an online poker site is illegal in Australia under the IGA, but authorities don’t actually enforce the Act.
  • There is a huge push for complete legalization in the Australian poker market.
  • There are plenty of Australian poker sites open for business, which Aussie-based players can enjoy legally.

Do Poker Sites Accept AUD Deposits?

Yes, some sites will give you the option to deposit and withdraw in Australian dollars. If you want to do business strictly in AUD, you can play at one of the following sites:

Why Deposit in AUD?

Depositing in AUD can save you money in fees and levies, especially at sites with USD-only tables. It used to be the case that players depositing in non-USD currencies would be subject to a currency conversion fee. This fee could get expensive, and deterred many non-USD players from depositing at all.

Now, the best Australian poker sites help you to evade conversion fees by allowing you to deposit in AUD rather than USD. 888 Poker, Party Poker, and Bodog Poker all allow you to do this. The savings can really add up, so if you’re depositing from an AUD account, definitely choose a poker room that allows you do deposit in AUD.

What Are the Best Australian Poker Sites Online?

There are plenty of Aussie-friendly poker sites online. We’ve already mentioned the top three in this article: 888 Poker, Party Poker, and Bodog Poker.

888 Poker is now the fourth-largest poker site online. Its player base has grown significantly since online poker’s Black Friday, and traffic figures keep rising daily. It’s no surprise that players are sticking around, because 888 Poker offers a world-class service in most respects: software, games offered, and innovation.

Party Poker has been around for a while, and continues to be a popular stomping ground for Australians. The Party software has been drastically improved since the ‘good old days’, so don’t let old rumours deter you from signing up. Party is an especially good choice for cash game players.

Bodog Poker is a smaller poker room, largely because of the gameplay restrictions it keeps in place. You can only play 4 tables at a time at Bodog, which is a dealbreaker for most grinders. The upside of this is that the tables are filled with fish, many of whom are casino gamblers. So if you can deal with reducing your table count in exchange for access to terrible opponents, Bodog is a good choice.

*DISCLAIMER: None of the above is to be taken as legal or financial advice. We are not lawyers, nor are we qualified financial analysts. We cannot be held responsible for the consequences of implementing any information on this page. If you want a qualified legal opinion, which the above is emphatically not, seek the advice of a licensed professional.

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