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Welcome to our top lists page. This page offers a comprehensive guide comparing poker rooms based on specific criteria. This will allow you to find the room that best suits your needs.  Our editors have reviewed well over fifty online poker rooms based on software, security, game specific criteria and even by region. All of the rooms listed on our top lists pages come with detailed poker reviews for you to read more about a specific poker room and exclusive bonuses for players.

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FAQ: Are All Poker Sites the Same?

Everyday, there are hundreds of people getting into online poker, and most of them want answers to questions, ranging from pretty sensible (which poker site is the softest?) to just plain weird (which site does Megan Fox play at?) But the one question everyone asks is what is the biggest difference between all the online poker sites? It's a big question, because every poker site is unique. But there are a few key differences between the major lists of poker sites that you need to consider before signing up. You can't cover all the bases, but you can cover the most important ones. Let's consider them one-by-one.

Are All Poker Sites Compatible With My Computer?

Before signing up at a site, make sure you can run its poker client on your computer. Further, make sure you're not stuck with a second-rate client if you're running a less-popular operating system. Just because a poker site is 'available' for certain platforms doesn't mean it will be good.

Don't worry about this if you've got a PC running Windows -- you'll be able to play on pretty much all poker sites. But if you're running MacOS, you have fewer options. Most of the best poker rooms support Mac computers, so it's not a big deal. For example Bet Onlineoffer a Mac-native poker client. At any of these sites, you can play poker on a stable, full-featured client that's on par with the equivalent Windows option.

Other poker sites support MacOS, but only via a web-based Flash client. This means that you can't install any poker software on your computer, so you suffer a bit in the speed and connectivity departments; but it also means that you can play anywhere and at any time right from your web browser. It's a bit of a trade-off in that way: speed and stability for convenience and compatibility. 888 Poker and Party Poker all have a web-based poker client for Mac.

Are All Poker Sites Available In My Country?

Not all poker sites accept players from all countries. This is due to various laws, regulations, and political issues surrounding online poker in certain places. The obvious example here is the United States. Poker isn't illegal in the USA, at least at the Federal level. But some individual states have opted to prohibit online gaming entirely -- Washington, for example. Suffice it to say that in the US, the legal status of online gambling is far from cut-and-dry.

Some poker sites have opted to avoid the confusion altogether, and have straight-up banned American players. Unfortunately, some of the best sites online have taken this route: 888 Poker, Party Poker, and Bet365 to name a few. Others have continued to operate as normal. Sites like BetOnline, Lock Poker, Bodog Poker, Cake Poker, are all eager and willing to take US dollars from US players.

Are There Safe and Unsafe Poker Sites?

Absolutely. Not all poker sites are created equal, when it comes to safety. As long as you stick to one of the bigger players in the industry, you won't have a problem. For example 888 Poker, BetOnline and Bodog Poker are all known to be extremely trustworthy.

To give you an idea of how trustworthy a site like 888 Poker is, consider that it is a public company listed on the London Stock Exchange. This means that it's just like any other corporation in the UK: answerable to the law, bound to market regulations, and obliged to meet shareholders' demands. So the chances of 888 ever 'going rogue' are slim-to-none. It's about as safe as a traditional bank.

Do All Poker Sites Spread My Preferred Game?

Probably not. This is something you'll have to look into before you sign up. All poker sites spread the most popular games: Holdem and Omaha. And almost all poker sites offer different structures of these two games, like cash games, tournaments, and single-table sit and go tournaments. But if you're into more obscure or less-popular games, you could end up having to look around.

For instance if you like playing Stud, Draw, or mixed-game poker, it's probable that smaller poker sites won't have enough traffic to keep you happy. Unfortunately, the fact is that 99% of the players at any given site are only there to play Holdem. So only the really big sites like Party Poker have traffic at the Stud, Draw, and mixed-game tables.

Are There Fish at All Poker Sites?

Of course. You can bet that wherever there's poker, there are people playing who are bad at it. The question is are there enough fish to go around at a given site. Some sites certainly have softer competition than others; and usually these sites are the ones that don't accept American players. Why this is, I don't know -- but it's certainly the case. So if you're looking for the really fishy poker sites, you'd do well to try sites like 888 Poker or Bet365. It's hard to find softer games than these in today's poker economy.

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