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Intermediate Poker Strategy Guide

Poker Strategy Guide for Intermediate Level Players's Intermediate Poker Strategy Guide if for players who've learned the basics in our Beginner Poker Strategy and want to advance their games by stakes or possibly just take their game to the next level. Similar to our basic guide, the intermediate level covers each of the 7 forms of poker including Holdem, General Strategy, Stud, Draw, Omaha, Poker Tournaments and Mixed Game strategy. Overall, the advice you see here should help you improve your skills in one or all of the variations mentioned. If you find you're having difficulties with some of the articles presented on this page, you might feel more comfortable reviewing our basic level. This strategy section covers; pot odds, betting on the river, bluffing in Omaha, table selection, playing different streets in mixed games and more.

General Poker Strategy for Intermediate Players

Pot Odds – Pot odds is absolutely critical to not only understand but apply to how you play poker. Novice players mistake the correct way to calculate their odds and apply it to the hand they’re in. This article explains exactly what pot odds are and its importance.

Poker Player Styles – Every player has their own unique style however most will fit into a few different categories. This article explains the more common player styles you’ll come across and how to adjust your game based on that players specific style of playing poker.

Mistakes Experienced Players Make – This article explains a few additional mistakes that the experienced players commonly make such as; moving up stakes before they’re ready, game selection, tracking their play using software or statistics and tilting.  It also provides a few tips to help you avoid making these errors.

Holdem Poker Strategy for Intermediate Players

Betting the River – Betting the river is equally important as pre and post flop. Your goal is to extract the maximum amount of value from your opponent, especially on the river as you want to get paid off for your hand. This article explains how to bet the river, and suggestions on what to do when you’re in a tight spot and not sure if you should be betting the river.

Advanced No Limit Holdem – Once you’ve grasped pot odds you can begin to learn a few different techniques that will improve your overall game. This includes; how to be aggressive and when aggression is needed, psychology, and reading your opponents.

Controlling the Pot – There will be situations where you’ll want to control the size of the pot, and other times where you’ll want to extra the most value from it. In our article “Controlling The Pot” we explain both scenarios and how to keep the pot minimal when you’re playing with second best with the possibility for improvement, along with how to build the pot when your holding the nuts.

Omaha Poker Strategy for Intermediate Players

Omaha Hi Lo Strategy – Omaha and Omaha Hi Lo are two similar and yet very different games with different strategies especially when it comes to starting hand selection. This article focuses on Omaha Hi Lo only, and will explain why it’s absolutely critical you play for both hi and low pots in addition to starting hand requirements.

Omaha PL Bluffing – Bluffing in Holdem is one thing. Bluffing in Omaha is a whole other ball game. This article focuses on bluffing in PL Omaha with an emphasis on flop texture, reading your opponents, table image and semi-bluffing.

Omaha Post-Flop Strategy – This article focuses on how to avoid costly mistakes post-flop in Omaha. Includes tips such as counting your outs, observations made of your opponents, and board texture. An example with different scenarios is provided for a better understanding.

Razz Poker Strategy for Intermediate Players

Playing 3rd St in Razz – Choosing your starting hands wisely in Razz will give you an edge when it comes to playing 3rd street. But once you get to 3rd  street what do you do next? Our razz strategy article discusses the starting hands and focuses on playing 3rd street in different positions.

Razz Poker Strategy  - An intermediate level article offering tips and strategies for playing Razz online. Also includes a brief introduction to semi-bluffing specifically for Razz .

HORSE Poker Strategy for Intermediate Players

Bankroll Considerations – Regardless of what poker game you prefer to play, nothing is more important than good bankroll management, and this is equally important in HORSE. Our HORSE bankroll article explains why it’s important to pay attention to this, and also provides bankroll tips to save you from making costly mistakes.

 Table Selection for HORSE – You should never jump the gun and choose to sit down at any table. Online poker gives you the advantage of choosing tables carefully and this is definitely something you want to take advantage of for every game, especially in HORSE. This strategy article discusses things to look for before sitting down at a table and tools available to you.

Draw Poker Strategy for Intermediate Players

Beating Draw Poker Games – Our beating draw poker games strategy article discusses tips for playing in various positions including early, middle and late along with playing pairs.

5 Card Draw Poker Strategy – Playing five card draw is fairly simple however deciding when to play for draws can be difficult. This article provides tips and strategy for five card draw poker including playing position and determining whether or not a draw is worth calling bets on.

Stud Poker Strategy for Intermediate Players

Stud Poker Odds – You should familiarize yourself with the odds of completing your hand regardless of what form of poker you choose to play, including Stud Poker games. This article offers information on the odds for various hands and poker odds for improving on different streets

Spread Limit Strategy – Spread Limit Stud is not as commonly played online as some of the other forms of Stud Poker but equally important to understand. This article focuses on starting hands, calling hands and stealing in antes in Spread Limit. It also offers a few tips and pointers for intermediate level players on table aggression and calling down hands on 7th street.

Tournament Poker Strategy for Intermediate Players

Switching to Tournaments – There is a significant difference between cash games and tournaments especially when it comes to key strategies. This article focuses on the biggest differences between the two for bankroll management, starting hand selection and tips.

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