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Beginner Poker Strategy Guide

Poker Tips and Strategies for Novice Poker Players offers one of the most comprehensive poker strategy guide's available. We say this because we're one of the few sites that recognize that player's want to play more than just Hold'em. Because of this we've provided our readers with an organized directory of poker strategy articles relating to HORSE, Razz, Stud, Draw, Texas Holdem, Omaha, and of course tournament poker. This page is intended for beginners who are at the basic learning stage. In this section we'll provide you with tips and advice for bankroll management, what is position and how to use it, along with a variety of other topics for novice players including the best poker rooms to learn how to play. Our goal with this section is to help you better understand the game and avoid some of the more costly mistakes new players make.

General Poker Strategy for Beginners

Essential Skills – Our essential skills article covers the basic skills all players should familiarize themselves with when playing poker, live or online. A few of the topics include reading abilities, discipline at the table, and more importantly, bankroll management. If you want to eventually become a winning player, it’s absolutely crucial that you understand these basic skills.

Poker Tilting – Every player has tilted at one time or another. It’s part of learning to play poker. This article covers what poker tilting is and offers a few tips and advice for beginners who want to better control their emotions at the tables.

Poker Bluffing – Bluffing is one of the few basic strategies that players fall short in. Most if not all new players bluff way too often and most of those bluffs end up as complete failures. Read our article to find out why your bluffs aren’t going as planned and what you can do to better assert yourself and stop losing money at the tables.

Texas Holdem Poker Strategy for Beginners

Importance of Stack Sizes – Your opponents chip stack is a vital piece of information regardless of whether you’re playing ring games or tournaments. Paying attention to the stacks at the table in relation to your own will help determine what you do next. This article covers the basics for new players on chip stacks including why it’s important and how to use your stack to your advantage.

C-Bet for Beginners – C-betting is often abused by new players. This article focuses on the what c-betting is, how to c-bet and different observations you should be paying close attention to, pre and post-flop.

Beating Bad Players – This article falls in line with tilting. Often players who end up going on tilt do so because of a bad play from their opponents. Although bad players will frustrate you, it’s this type of player you want at your table as often as you can, because you will profit most from them. This article discusses why bad players can be a benefit, how to beat them and tips based on your position.

Omaha Poker Strategy for Beginners

Omaha 8 Starting Hands – Omaha is one of the more complicated and very confusing poker games for novice players. Careless mistakes are often made because of the number of cards an Omaha player sees. In our Omaha starting hand article we discuss the general basics for playing Omaha along with the best starting hands in Omaha and Omaha Hi Lo.

Omaha Hi Lo Myths – Every player has received advice from another, regardless of whether the advice was warranted or not. Most of the advice you’ll hear is in large part useless. This article will cover some of the worst advice a player could receive and tips you should use.

Omaha Pre-Flop Strategy – Playing Omaha is complicated in itself and even more so pre-flop. Should you call your hand or should you fold? Is your hand even worth playing? These are some of the more common questions a player will face pre-flop. This Omaha article will cover some of the essentials such as pre flop starting hands, and why those hands are considered better than others as well as betting strategies.

Razz Poker Strategy for Beginners

Introduction to Razz – Our Introduction to Razz article covers the bare basics of playing Razz. In this article covers tips for new players including starting hands, stealing antes, knowing when to fold and the importance of paying attention to your surroundings.

Razz Poker Starting Hands – A follow-up to our Introduction to Razz, this article discusses starting hand requirements for Razz poker. Since Razz is one of the more complicated games for beginners to pick up quickly, and the object of the game is to have the worst hand possible it’s imperative that you understand exactly what the worst hand is. Other topics covered include; stealing antes, door cards and how to use them, as well as slow playing your hands.

HORSE Poker Strategy for Beginners

Introduction to HORSE – If you’ve learned the basics in Holdem, Omaha, Stud and Razz, HORSE Poker may be the game you’re looking for. This game combines the top played poker games into one and is considered to be the elite of all poker games. This is a beginner article on how to play HORSE, and introduction into the game.

Beginner HORSE Mistakes – Once you’ve learned how to play HORSE, make sure to read our article on the most common mistakes made in HORSE games by beginners including sitting our during rotations, misreading the game being played, and most common leaks seen.

Draw Poker Strategy for Beginners

Introduction to Draw Poker – Draw Poker is one of the oldest poker games and this article explains how to play Draw Poker and includes tips for draw betting strategies, and tips for playing 5 card draw poker online.

8 Game Mixed Poker – If you enjoy playing Draw Poker and the other variations found on this page you will definitely enjoy the 8 game mixed poker; which combines each of the games into 8 different formats. This game is only available online and is quickly growing in popularity. Our article explains the different games played in the 8-game and a few basic tips for beginners.

Stud Poker Strategy for Beginners

Stud Poker Starting Hands – Stud Poker is a relatively easy game to learn and play because you get to see the majority of the cards your opponents are holding. Stud is all about observations but before you can begin to observe your table, you need to understand starting hand requirements if you want to save a few blinds. Our Stud Poker starting hand guide will teach you the best starting hands in Stud Hi and Stud Hi Lo

Stud Poker for Beginners – This is a basic overview of how to play Stud Poker, including general tips and strategies for new players. It explains how to use door cards to your advantage, and slow playing your hands.

Tournament Poker Strategy for Beginners

What is a Poker Tournament – As the title suggests, this article explains what poker tournaments are. Our beginner guide to playing online tournaments explains the different formats, structures and even games available.

NLH Tournament Strategy  - Once you’ve tested the waters in tournament poker you may be ready to switch gears to NLH tournaments. These tournaments use a totally different mentality than cash games or other forms of tournaments. Our No Limit Holdem tournament article discusses different tips which should help further you playing tournaments. Topics include; MTT bankroll management, position, and starting hands.

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