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Advanced Poker Strategy Guide

Poker Strategy Guide for Advanced Poker Players

Our Advanced Poker Strategy guide covers additional topics and advice not available in our other two sections and is best suited for the winning player. If you're already beating the game and understand the majority of what you've seen in the intermediate level, you might find a few articles here that interest you. Even if you're a winning player, we do suggest you check the article titles and see if there is something that could help improve an area where you may show weakness in. Again, this section covers all the main variations of poker you'll find online including advanced articles for Holdem, Razz, Omaha, Omaha Hi Lo, Stud, HORSE and Draw. If you find the articles listed on this page to be a bit more difficult than expected, have a look at our other two sections for beginners or intermediate players. You can also check this page here for a complete directory of all the poker strategy articles we have available on our site.

In this section you'll find articles discussing how to use implied odds, playing suited connectors, PLO post flop strategy and table selection as well as half a dozen articles relating to mixed, stud or draw poker games.

General Poker Strategy for Advanced Players

Implied Odds – Once you’ve learned how to calculate pot odds you should definitely learn what implied odds is and how to use it to make decisions that could affect you later in the hand. This article discusses what implied odds are, how to calculate them, and also discusses reversed implied odds.

Advanced Poker Mistakes – This advanced mistakes article covers some of the more common mistakes seen by experienced players including missing out on opportunities, moving up in stakes, and tracking stats.

Knowing When to Fold – At this level you should be able to fold mediocre or weak starting hands. You should also know how to fold based on position and bets in front of you, but often times experienced players lack the understanding of how to lay down good hands even when those hands are beat. This article discusses hand evaluation, flop texture and other related scenarios for laying down good hands.

Holdem Poker Strategy for Advanced Players

Playing Suited Connectors in 6-Max – Suited connectors is often a tempting and tricky hand to play. This strategy article offers tips and advice for playing suited connectors in a 6 max game and discusses position, your opponents, flop texture and when to make a play.

Costly Poker Mistakes – This article discusses some of the more costly mistakes you’ll encounter and will hopefully help you correct those plays.

Advanced Plays – Our advanced plays article provides advice for some of the more advanced plays such as “The Float Play”, check raising, betting and folding

Omaha Poker Strategy for Advanced Players

Advanced PLO Cash Game – Provides tips and strategy for playing Pot Limit Omaha cash games including; over and under evaluating your hands, flop texture, and starting hands all relating to ring game play.

PLO Flop Strategy – This is a follow up article to our pre-flop Omaha strategy article. In this one we discuss post flop strategy such as flop texture, how to evaluate your hands post flop, betting and of course odds.

PLO Table Selection – Table selection is as important in Omaha as it is in Holdem. This article will go through the different observations you need to make before sitting down at a table.

Razz Poker Strategy for Advanced Players

Bluffing in Razz – This article explains how bluffing in Razz is different from the other variations and things to look for when making a bluff.

Advanced Razz Tips – Our advanced razz article covers value betting, slow playing, door cards and a few other tips to either save you bets or extract the most bets from the pot.

HORSE Poker Strategy for Advanced Players

Squeezing Bets in HORSE – Squeezing additional bets from your opponents is important in any poker game; however it’s even more important in fixed limit games where you’re limited as to the amount of chips can go into the pot. This article focuses on how to extract additional bets from your opponents as well as how to save bets.

HORSE Poker Mistakes – Since HORSE uses five variations of poker, a lot of mistakes are made in at least one if not more of the games. This article provides a summary of the more common mistakes in each of the five variations.

Draw Poker Strategy for Advanced Players

Draw Poker Bluffing – Bluffing in five card poker is very different from bluffing in Holdem. You need to know when to bluff but also understand that bluffing in five card is very difficult and should only be used sporadically. This article goes over how to bluff as well as different scenarios when a bluff may be warranted during a weak hand or a strong one.

Lowball Draw Strategy  - Our lowball draw strategy article focuses on position and our top tips for playing lowball draw poker including standing pat and when to break a pat.

Stud Poker Strategy for Advanced Players

Playing 6th Street – This article focuses on how to maximize your winnings or minimize your losses on 6th street in seven card stud. Strategy article includes how to evaluate your hands this far in the hand, as well as different scenarios.

Stud Card Counting – You should know already how to observe your table in stud and count cards. This article focuses on counting cards on 4th and 5th street.

Tournament Poker Strategy for Advanced Players

MTT Tournament Strategy – The final article in our tournament strategy section, this MTT article covers the various stages of playing a multi-table tournament as well as different strategies for early, middle and late plays including bubbling and final table.

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