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A Complete Guide to Using Mastercard for Online Poker Deposits

Mastercard is the second most popular credit card in the world, coming in just behind Visa but ahead of American Express in popularity. It is, therefore, one of the most frequently-used methods of funding online poker accounts.

Most online poker operators do accept Mastercard as a method of depositing funds to an online account for real-money online poker. Not all of them allow withdrawals to Mastercard accounts, however.

Customers obtain Mastercard debit or credit cards from various banks and financial institutions around the world. This means that each one is likely to have different rules when it comes to working with online poker sites. It can vary depending upon regulations in particular countries, laws handed down by those governments, and a variety of other factors. Most online poker sites do accept Mastercard, and most customers find no issue with using the cards, especially as the online poker industry continues to grow.

Online poker rooms try to accommodate Mastercard users because of the card’s popularity and ease of use. Players often prefer to use their credit or debit cards for real-money online poker, as they are easy to track and require no additional banking.

Does My Favorite Poker Site Accept Mastercard?

Many online poker sites do accept Mastercard. Very few accept Visa but not Mastercard, as they most often accept both. Deposits into poker accounts are frequently done using Mastercards, though withdrawals are not allowed on every site. Prepaid Mastercards are also allowed for deposits but not withdrawals. However, each site is different and makes choices for various reasons. A customer service agent may be able to help explain the site’s choices, and that representative can also help find an alternative way to withdraw money from poker winnings.

Advantages of Using Mastercard

  • No fees for deposits or withdrawals from Mastercard itself.
  • Credit cards offer safety and security of direct transfers backed up by bank and card encryption.
  • Deposits are immediate and available for use right away.
  • Records of transactions are available from the poker site and from Mastercard.
  • The company protects customers against credit card theft.

We have checked with all of the major online poker sites to find ones that accept Mastercard, at least for deposits. The sites listed here are the best options.

Best Poker Sites Accepting Mastercard

Rank help Poker Room help Mobhelp Mac help Bonus help Match help Code help Room Review help
1Pacific Poker Bovada Poker      mac-icon $600 100% N/A Bovada Poker
2Pacific Poker Ignition Poker      mac-icon $2000 100% N/A Ignition Poker
3Pacific Poker Intertops Poker      mac-icon $600 100% N/A Intertops Poker
4BetOnline Poker BetOnline Poker      mac-icon $2500 100% N/A BetOnline Poker
5Bet365 Poker Sportsbetting Poker      mac-icon $2500 100% N/A Sportsbetting Poker

Mastercard History & Aquisitions

Mastercard was originally known as Interbank/Master Charge. Created by a coalition of banks in California, it was intended to be compete against the original BankAmericard, which is now Visa. The card was first issued in 1966 to California residents and quickly grew beyond the state’s borders. By 1979, it was simply called MasterCard.

By merging with a UK bank in 1972, the international component gave Mastercard wider access. By the 2000s, Mastercard had merged with Europay International, and the company changed its name to Mastercard International in 2006. The company remains San Francisco, California but is now headquartered in New York, and it is currently one of the top two credit card companies in the world. Its revenue in 2016 was nearly $10.8 billion.

Is Mastercard Safe? Is My Deposit Secure?

As one of the top credit card companies in the world, Mastercard is one of the safest ways to conduct any financial transaction. All banks and institutions allowed to issue Mastercard debit and credit cards must meet certain security standards, and all customer data is encrypted and protected.

This makes Mastercard one of the most preferred methods for online poker players to deposit and withdraw funds from their internet poker accounts. Since transactions go directly from the customer’s card to and from the online poker site, the safety factor is high. There are no intermediaries like ewallets or third parties that require the money to change hands more times than necessary.

Sure, It's Easy to Use & Secure, But What About the Disadvantages?

  • Many sites allow deposits but not withdrawals using Mastercard credit and debit cards.
  • Mastercard-issuing banks may assess fees via a one-time charge or percentage of the amount of money transferred.
  • Sites may require the completion of a credit card authorization form that prevents immediate transactions and funds availability.

Does Mastercard Accept Poker Deposits and Withdrawals?

Mastercard does allow deposits and withdrawals for online poker players. The individual banks and financial institutions that issue the cards, however, make their own decisions about whether or not to approve online gambling transactions. Most banks do allow them, as online poker is regulated in many countries now.

While most online poker sites do allow deposits using Mastercard, withdrawals may not be. Some sites do not allow withdrawals using the same method because of fees charged to the poker operator or the difficulty in processing the transactions. It merely depends on the site, as 888poker allows deposits and withdrawals for Mastercard customers, but PokerStars only allows deposits.

Does Mastercard Charge Fees?

No, Mastercard does not fees, and most online poker sites do not charge fees, either. The card-issuing bank, however, may assess fees in the form of a set dollar amount or a percentage of the amount being transferred.

How Long Do Deposits and Withdrawals Take?

Most deposits to poker online accounts using Mastercard are handled instantly. The online verification of the card takes only moments, and the funds are available for poker play as soon as the card is approved for the amount requested. If there is a credit card authorization form to complete, it is usually approved soon after submission, and again, funds will then be made immediately available.

Withdrawals take longer because of the verification process that the Mastercard-associated bank must do to ensure the transfer is legitimate. Funds are often credited to the credit card within a few business days, but it can take up to seven working days.

Is it Easy to Set Up an Account?

The vast majority of banks, especially in the United States but also in most countries around the world, offer Mastercard accounts. A person can also search online for the best interest rates and apply online. The bank will conduct a credit check of the applicant, and any sign of financial risks may increase the interest rate or even cause the bank to deny the card. Approvals, though, take place very quickly, and the card is then available for use.

Mastercard has built a reputation that gives confidence to online poker operators that funds transfers will be safe, secure, and smooth. Poker sites that offer Mastercard know that the customer has already been approved and is responsible for the card, so the transactions are approved right away.

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