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PokerStars Marketing Code - $600 Bonus and VIP Player Rewards / Rakeback

Pokerstars Bonus

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Our Special Bonus:

Deposit $600, Get $600 FREE

Pokerstars Bonus

100% Up To $600 Bonus

Use marketing code: OPN50

  • $600 Free Bonus For New Players
  • Unlimited Tables for Multi-Tabling
  • Advanced Customization Features
Languages supported: austria italian poland ro czech lt si da hu se de nl fi es no pt ru fr br ua
US Players

Please Note - PokerStars is not accepting USA players. Please visit our US online poker page for a full list of the poker sites accepting USA players

PokerStars Bonus, Marketing Code, and VIP Player Rewards

Pokerstars is the world’s largest poker sites and recently revamped their entire VIP player rewards program as well as the first deposit bonus for new players. The benefits of playing at Pokerstars are twofold. First, players who join with the Pokerstars marketing code – OPN50 will receive the best Pokerstars bonus currently available at 100% up to $600 PLUS exclusive promotions through the VIP program. The PokerStars VIP and bonus is explained below including how to clear your bonus, how to use the marketing code and earning FPP’s to qualify for additional rewards as a Pokerstars VIP.

PokerStars Bonus and Marketing Code

Once you join you will receive the highest paying bonus the company has ever offered by using our links and Pokerstars marketing bonus codes. The standard bonus was traditionally a 100% up to $50 however is now able to offer you a 100% match up to $600 which is significant increase from past promotions. This bonus is only available for new players and you must use our links and codes when joining. During the registration process you can enter “OPN50” in the marketing code field as well as “Stars600” for the Pokerstars bonus code. Join Pokerstars now for the top bonus available.

100% Up To $600 Pokerstars Bonus (Use our special PokerStars marketing code OPN50 on signup)

Example: If Deposit $400, You will get a $400 Pokerstars bonus

This bonus is a pending bonus which means you will not receive the cash until you have met the play through requirements. All of the bonuses at are released in increments of $10 for every 100 frequent player points. Reload bonuses and promotions are available on a weekly basis. Players have 6 months to clear the full bonus before the remaining balance expires.

Pokerstars VIP Rakeback Equivalent

Pokerstars does not offer rakeback of any kind. They do have a unique and well structured VIP player rewards program which is equal to receiving rakeback at one of the other major poker sites. The benefits of the program are huge when comparing it to other VIP offers as most programs don’t give you the ability to play with their professional team of poker players or the ability to redeem points for trips, cars or tournaments. Likewise the Pokerstars VIP program rewards their regular players with instant cash bonuses, massive freerolls geared towards specific levels and even sponsorship to the World Series of Poker. Below we have listed the various levels, along with information on how to obtain a certain level, point requirements and of course the benefits you’ll receive. You will also find percentages based on how the VIP Program is comparable to receiving rakeback. Remember to use our bonus codes when joining Pokerstars so you can also take advantage of the $600 bonus!

Pokerstars VIP & Rakeback Equivalent

PokerStars VIP Bronze StarBronzeStar – BronzeStar is the base level for Pokerstars VIP players. Every player who joins and makes their first deposit will receive a Bronze star. Although the perks of being a bronze aren’t as fabulous as a Supernova it’s still comparable to earning as much as 8% in Pokerstars rakeback. Bronze players will receive monthly freeroll invitations, ability to purchase Pokerstars gear in the VIP store and the first deposit bonus.

PokerStars VIP SilverStarSilverStar – SilverStar status is earned once you’ve accumulated a total of 1500 VPP’s during the previous calendar month. This level automatically applies a 2 x multiplier when earning additional FPP’s. Benefits for SilverStar players include access to SilverStar merchandise in the Pokerstars online store, exclusive freerolls and money added tournaments. The benefits are comparable to earning 12% back in the Pokerstars VIP program.

PokerStars VIP GoldStarGoldStar  - GoldStar status is achieved once you’ve earned 4000 VPPs. GoldStar players receive exclusive tournaments with guarantees as high as $100,000, cashback bonuses as part of the VIP program, restricted freerolls all of which is comparable to earning 16% in Pokerstars rakeback.

PokerStars VIP Platinum StarPlatinum Star – The Platinum level provides all of the benefits above as well as a 2.5 x multiplier for FPP’s, a $650 cash bonus available in the VIP store, daily and weekly VIP tourney’s and a $100K freeroll scheduled for the last Saturday of each month. PlatinumStar requires at least 7500 VPP’s each calendar month and is comparable to receiving 12.5% to 20% in cashback.

PokerStars VIP SupernovaSupernova – One of the most elite levels a player can reach is Supernova and a lucrative one at that. Supernova players receive a 250% increase in FPPs, up to $8000 in bonuses, a $1500 Supernova Pokerstars bonus, and weekly $50K freerolls. To earn Supernova status simply earn 100,000 points during a calendar year. This level is comparable to earning as much as 28% in Pokerstars rakeback.

PokerStars VIP SuperNova EliteSuperNova Elite – The final level in Pokerstars VIP program and by far the most lucrative. Supernova Elite comes with a heavy point requirement but also provides the biggest benefits including seats into Pokerstars live events such as the EPT, WCOOP, and Pokerstars Caribbean Adventure. You will also receive exclusive tournaments, the highest bonuses and instant cash bonus offers, VIP concierge treatment, hotel accommodations, travel and much, much, more. SuperNova Elite is awarded to players who earn 1,000,000 VPPs during a calendar year and is equivalent to earning as much as 25% - 32% in Pokerstars rakeback.

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Difference Between PokerStars FPP’s and VPP’s

Pokerstars uses two point systems for their program. The first is the frequent player point which is earned by playing in poker games or tournaments for real cash where a fee is taken. You can use your FPP’s in the online store or for entering tournaments. The second part of the system is VPPs. VPP’s do not have a cash value per say but is what Pokerstars uses to calculate your VIP status. To make it simple 1 FPP is equivalent to 1 VPP. Players earn FPP’s/VPP’s based on the following specs;

First frequent player point is earned when the rake at the following tables reaches;

$0.40 for all FL games with limits up to $1/$2.
$0.40 in either NL or FL games with limits up to $1/$2
$0.40 for all HU matches. The table must be 1on1 for this to apply.
$1.00 for all other games not included above.
The second frequent player point is earned when the rake is reached at the following tables;
$2.00 on all 6-max tables above $1/$2.
$3.00 on all other games
Finally a player can earn a 3rd FPP should the rake at the table reach $5.

Frequent player points are also awarded when paying tournament fees at a rate of 5 points for each dollar in fees with fractional points included.

Special Games Earning VPP’s

Pokerstars has revamped part of their VIP program to include games where rake may not reach as much as the specs listed above.  The games listed below award a VPP based on the amount of rake the players contribute collectively with the entire table earning 5 VPP’s for every $1 in rake or tournament fees. VPPs are calculated to the hundredth which means fractional VPPs are awarded.

’1-on-1’ tables for all games

Full Ring Limit tables up to 25c/50c

Full Ring No-Limit tables up to 5c/10c

All 6-max tables for NLH, PLH, PLO, PLO8, FL up to $0.25/$0.50

* Players will only earn VPPs for these games, not FPP’s*

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Pokerstars VIP Requirement

VIP Levelhelp
FPP x 1VPP help
BronzeStar None N/A
SilverStar 1,200 1.5
GoldStar 3,000 2
PlatinumStar 7,500 2

Yearly VIP Levels

VIP Levelhelp
FPP x 1VPP help
Supernova 100,000 3.5
Supernova Elite 1,000,000 5
Match Bonus Up to $600
Instant Bonus N/A
VIP Program Yes
VIP Freerolls Yes
Monthly Bonuses Yes

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