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Party Poker Bonus Code

PartyPoker Bonus code:


Our Special Party Bonus:

100% up to $500

Party Poker Bonus Information

100% Up To $500 Bonus

Use bonus code: OPNET500

  • Includes VIP Program
  • Frequent Reload Offers and Instant Cash Bonuses
Languages supported: English da de es fr pt ru fi sv pl hu ro it
US Players

Party Poker Bonus Codes

The 2018 Party Poker bonus code was and earned a 9.5/10 rating.

Party Poker and have partnered to provide players with the largest first deposit bonus available for This bonus offer is only available for new players and if you haven't downloaded Party Poker software, you can do so here.

Once you've downloaded the Party Poker software and created a new account you will be asked for a Party Poker bonus code. The code needed will depend on which of the two offers you choose to take which includes an instant bonus in addition to being enrolled into Party Poker’s new VIP player rewards program.

The first bonus is offering a 100% match up to $500 when you join using the Party Poker bonus code “OPNET500”. This bonus is a match offer which means; you'll be required to make a first deposit of $10 or more at which point will match that amount up to $500.

100% Up To $500 Bonus (Use the Party Poker Bonus Code OPNET500)

Example: If Deposit $200, You will get $200 poker bonus

PartyPoker Bonus Code “OPNET500” – 100% up to $500

Once you’ve used the bonus code “OPNET500” and made your first deposit, Party Poker will credit a pending bonus account equal to the amount of the initial deposit. To clear this offer you’ll need to earn 10 x the amount of the bonus in points. Earning Party Points is very easy as shown in the chart below. This bonus is released in increments of $10 once you’ve earned at least 100 Party Points. You will have 60 days from the date of your initial deposit to clear this bonus, otherwise it expires.

Please note – While the standard rules apply to clearing most bonuses at Party Poker, players who choose to play in certain currencies will have different clearing rates from those listed above. As an example, players who choose to play in Euros will be required to earn 8 Party Poker points for every $1 in bonus dollars while a player using Sterling will be required to earn 9 Points for every $1 claimed. US and Canadian dollars have a point requirement of 6pts/$1 in bonus dollars.

Earning Party Poker Bonus Points

Party Poker awards players with points based on the number of raked hands a player is involved in. This is one of the best bonuses available for party with our partypoker bonus code. These points are spread across all games, stakes and even tournaments. In comparison to other poker sites, Party Poker is probably the easiest poker room to clear bonuses with as their point requirement/raked hands is fairly simple. The points are prorated based on stakes and whether the game is Fixed Limit or No Limit /Pot Limit. To simplify things you can look at the chart below to calculate how many points you’ll earn playing on specific tables. On top of receiving the best Party Poker bonus, you'll also have the opportunity to earn additional bonuses and promotions through Party Poker's VIP player rewards program, which is similar if not equivalent to receiving Party Poker rakeback.


PartyPoker Effective Rakeback Given Direct To All Players

Bronze Key – Every player who joins using the bonus code “OPNET500” will automatically be enrolled into the rewards program in the Bronze key level. This level provides players with a cash back option once you earn 400 PP. This reward is equivalent to earning 5% in Party Poker rakeback. The Bronze level does not offer an additional bonuses specific to this VIP key.

Silver Key – To receive your Silver Key, simply earn 400 Party Points during a calendar month, at which point your VIP status will move up the following month. Players in Silver Key will be eligible for cash back offers similar to Bronze players, except this key gives you $50 cash back once you earn 1500PP in addition to a $100 Party Poker bonus. The cash back award is equivalent to earning 7% in rakeback whereas the bonus is equivalent to 14%

Gold Key – Gold members will have earned at least 4000 Party Poker points during the previous calendar month. This level of service starts with a cash back offer of $200 for every 4000 points earned in addition to a $350 Party Poker bonus. The bonus equivalent to earning 18% Party Poker rakeback whereas the cash reward calculates to a 10% rate.

Palladium – There are actually two stages for Palladium players to achieve based on the number of points earned. In this one we are focusing on the first Palladium level. Players are required to earn at least 10,000 points per quarter, with a cash back offer of $600, which is equivalent to earning 16% in Party Poker rakeback. Likewise players will be eligible for a $3000 bonus

Palladium – The second stage in the Palladium level awards players with a $1,500 cash rebate once you have earned 20,000 points. Players will need to earn a minimum of 15,000 points during a calendar quarter to achieve the second stage and a bonus of $3000 is available for redemption. The second stage of Palladium is equivalent to earning as much as 30% in Party Poker rakeback.

Palladium Elite – For the top players, Party Poker provides the Elite level, packed with exception service from a VIP treatment, Concierge services, and up to 40% Party Poker rakeback. Players who want to receive the best of the best will need to earn at least 50,000 Party Poker points during a calendar quarter. Once you’ve reached Elite status you can begin to reap the rewards starting with a $20,000 Party Poker bonus in addition to a $15,000 cash rebate for every 100,000 points you earn.

  Party Poker Rakeback and Cash Bonuses
Key Levels Points Cash Cash % back Bonus Bonus % back
 Bronze 400 $10 5% N/A N/A
 Silver 1,500 $50 6.67% $100 13.33%
 Gold 4,000 $200 10% $350 17.5%
 Palladium 10,000 $600 12% $1,200 24%
 Palladium 20,000 $1,500 15% $3,000 30%
Elite 100,000 $15,000 30% $20,000 40%

Every Player is Rewarded at

As you can see by the chart above, every player benefits from the party Poker VIP program and earns rakeback directly from the poker room. Although the rakeback uses the point rewards system, it does provide players with an amount equivalent if not better than other poker sites. Likewise, top players at can expect to receive a level of service unlike any other room. Once you earn over 9000 points in calendar quarter, you will automatically be enrolled into the Palladium Lounge. This Lounge provides 24/7 assistance, your own dedicated VIP host, exclusive promotions not available in the other programs, custom rewards tailor designed for your level, and free cash outs along with increased deposit limits. Palladium Elite status offers personalized service, exclusive bonuses equating to 40% in Party Poker rakeback, and a Concierge service. Party Poker is the only online poker site providing players with this type of VIP player rewards program. Every player will receive the ability to clear added bonuses and receive cash rebates!

Get Bonus Now Lobby Table

Party Poker Points / Raked Hands

Limits help Hands FL help Hands NL/PL help
$0.01 / $0.02 - 750  
$0.02 / $0.04 700   580  
$0.05 / $0.10 530   380  
$0.10 / $0.20 500   -
$0.10 / $0.25 - 100  
$0.15 / $0.30 360   -
$0.25 / $0.50 200   67  
$0.50 / $1 57   40  
$1 / $2 57   25  
$2 / $4 18   17  
$3 / $6 14   14  
$5 / $10 13   13  
$10 / $20 12   11  
$15 / $30 12   11  
$20 / $40 12   7
$25 / $50 11 -
$30 / $60 7 -
$50 / $100 6 -
$100 / $200 6 -
$150 / $300 6 -
Match Bonus Up to $500
Instant Bonus No
VIP Program Yes
VIP Freerolls Yes
Monthly Bonuses Yes
Phone 800 852 4719

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